MJM Sharpshooter

Show: MN State Fair Horse Shows

Please select a class from the list below:

8-30-15 Saturday Miniture Horse Halter and Showmanship
8-30-15 Miniture Horse Jumping and Trail
8-30-15 Miniture Horse Pleasure Driving
8-30-15 Miniture Horse Pleasure Driving Stake
8-29-15 English Plesure Evening Performance
8-30-15 English Pleasure Sunday Night Perfomance
8-30-15 English Pleasure Morning Perfomace
Monday Afternoon English
8-31-15 Miniture Horese Presentation
8-31-15 English Evining Perfromance
9-2-15 AQHA Stailions
9-2-15 AQHA Mares
9-2-15 AQHA Geldings
9-2-15 AQHA Showmanship
9-2-15 APHA Halter
9-1-15 Eveining Performance part 1
9-1-15 Evining Perfomance Part 2
9-2-15 Backdrop
9-2-15 ApHA Showmanship and Halter
9-2-15 Pinto Showmanship
9-2-15 APHA Showmanship
9-2-15 Supreme Champion Hunt Seat
9-2-15 Driving Spotlight
9-2-15 Costume
9-2-15 Liberty
9-2-15 Supreme Champion Westetrn Pleasure
Lama Barrels and Limbo
9-3-15 Afternoon Hunter Undersadle and Pleasure
9-4-15 Trail
9-4 Afternoon: Start thru AQHA WP, Jr. Horse 5 & Under
9-4 Afternoon: Pinto Hrsmnshp, App. Equit., AQHA Sr. Hrs. WP, West. Pet Pony
9-4 Afternoon: AQHA Novice Youth Hrsmnshp, Walk/Trot, AQHA Novice Hrsmnshp,. App. Equit., AQHA Youth WP, AQHA Am. Hrsmnship
9-4 Evening: Pinto Rail, App. Color, Pinto Ideal, AQHA HUS Sr. Hrs., Paint Youth WP, West. Hrsmnshp
9-4 Evening: App. Non-Pro WP, Paint Amateur WP, Paint Novice Youth Hrsmnshp., App. WP, AQHA Novice Amateur Hrsmnshp., Paint Novice Amateur Hrsmnshp., AQHA Amateur WP, $300 West. Pleas.
9-5 Evening: Trailer Race
9-5: Pony Pole Weaving
9-5 Evening: Girls Barrels
9-5 Evening: 4-in-Line
9-5 Evening: Boys Poles
9-5 Evening: Mens Jumping Figure 8
9-5 Evening: Womens Barrels
9-3 Evening: Pinto English Ideal
9-3 Evening: Pinto Ideal, Paint Jr. Hrs. HUS, AQHA Amateur Equitation, Pony WP, Group Award
9-3 Evening: AQHA Jr. Hrs. HUS, App. Youth HUS, Pinto Disc. Rail, Paint Sr. Hrs. HUS, Pony Hrsmnshp, AQHA Nov. Youth Hrsmnshp
9-3 Evening: App. Non-Pro HUS, Paint Novice Youth WP, Paint Sr. Hrs. WP, Pinto S/H WP
9-6 Morning: 4-in-Line, Pony Jumping Figure 8, Girls Poles
9-6 Morning: 35+ Womens Jumping Figure 8, Mens Pole Weaving, Boys Barrels
9-6 Afternoon: 4-in-line, Drill Team #1, Girls Jumping Figure 8
9-6 Afternoon: Square Dance Team #1, Ribbon Race, Drill Team #2, 35+ Womens Poles
9-6 Afternoon: Pony Barrels, Square Dance #2, Womens Poles
9-6 Evening: Trailer Race, Drill Team #3, 35+ Women's Barrels, Rescue Race
9-6 Evening: Square Dance Team #3, Boys Jumping Figure 8, Drill Team #4, Men's Barrel Racing, Women's Jumping Figure 8
9-7 Morning: 4-in-line Finals, Drill Team Awards, Jumping Figure 8 Stake
9-7 Morning: Poles Stake, Square Dance Team Awards
9-7 Morning: Barrels Stake, Trailer Race Finals